Affordable Housing for Social and Economic Impact.

For Q-vention the construction of homes is more than just the buildings. It’s about contributing to a comfortable and sustainable society for everyone.

With Q-Castle®, Q-vention has developed an affordable building system that meets the highest standards in flexibility, quality and comfort. The Q-Castle® system contains no CO2 and is a low carbon product. With our high quality and longevity, we offer a five-year maintenance guarantee!

Q-vention operates internationally and is a certified organization.

Innovative building techniques

The system is quick and simple to construct and can be used for individual homes, residential projects or architectural construction. Homes and apartments built with the Q-Castle® system are healthful and comfortable. They also have a low utility cost as they are insulated exceptionally well.

  • Heating energy requirement of building ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a);
  • Maximal cooling load of building ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a);
  • Earthquake resistant;
  • Easy and light stackable;
  • Affordable housing;
  • Quick training for local contractors;
  • Up to 5 stories high;
  • Can be fabricated at any local supplier;
  • A local fabrication plant can be set up;
  • Well suited for big construction projects;
  • Built by the local artisans;
  • Full detail drawings are supplied in the local language.

Q-vention  “Center for People and Building “

Local involvement

Q-vention can build a self-sufficient city, complete with infrastructure, to house all local people. The city will have schools, churches, shops, industry, sport complexes, playgrounds, hospitals, fire stations and a large public park. All neighbourhoods will have their own service district containing shops and other services. Examples

Q-vention builds a prefab factory in the proximity of the city to-be. All construction materials are supplied by local suppliers. Local contractors are trained and supported by Q-vention experts to build with the Q-vention Blocks system and to follow the urban- and architectural plans.

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“To create a better daily life voor everyone”

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