Q-vention for property development.

For Q-vention the construction of homes is more than just the buildings. It’s about contributing to a comfortable and sustainable society for everyone.

With Q-Castle®, Q-vention has developed an affordable building system that meets the highest standards in flexibility, quality and comfort. The Q-Castle® system contains no CO2 and is a low carbon product. With our high quality and longevity, we offer a five-year maintenance guarantee!

Q-vention operates internationally and is a certified organization.

Q-Castle® system

The system is quick and simple to construct and can be used for individual homes, residential projects or architectural construction. Homes and apartments built with the Q-Castle® system are healthful and comfortable. They also have a low utility cost as they are insulated exceptionally well.

  • Heating energy requirement of building ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a)
  • Maximal cooling load of building ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a)
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Easy and light stackable
  • Affordable housing
  • Quick training for local contractors
  • Up to 5 stories high
  • Can be fabricated at any local supplier
  • A local fabrication plant can be set up
  • Well suited for big construction projects
  • Built by the local artisans
  • Full detail drawings are supplied in the local language

Q-vention promises 100% happy and comfortable living with a 50% reduction in utility expenses.



Q-vention can build a self-sufficient city, complete with infrastructure, to house all local people. The city will have schools, churches, shops, industry, sport complexes, playgrounds, hospitals, fire stations and a large public park. All neighbourhoods will have their own service district containing shops and other services. Examples

Unique water supply system.

When its a climate of 9 months drought and 3 months rain season. In those 3 months there is a staggering 3 meters of rainfall. This enormous amount of water is ingeniously captured through a complex system of bridges and canals as well as through the gardens and park-like layout of the neighbourhoods. The water is stored in a basin, purified in the water purification plant and supplied back to the city to provide it with water in the dry season.

Local involvement.

Q-vention builds a prefab factory in the proximity of the city to-be. All construction materials are supplied by local suppliers. Local contractors are trained and supported by Q-vention experts to build with the Q-vention Blocks system and to follow the urban- and architectural plans.

Contact Us

Q-vention International
Vluchtoord 30
5406 XP Uden
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 657571236


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“To create a better daily life voor everyone”

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